Program Philosophy

This program is organized to be a competitive team that provides the highest possible level challenges and opportunities for Rensselaer student-athletes. The program is primarily self-funded but with generous support of the student union (and also in cooperation with the athletic department). RPI ACHA members have privileges and responsibilities not only on the ice, but also with regards to team development and community service. This is a competitive intercollegiate hockey team following the rules of the American Collegiate Hockey Association. 

All team members must represent Rensselaer and the program in a most favorable manner to remain a member in good standing.  As a competitive ACHA team, ice time will be at the sole discretion of the coaching staff, and each member is expected to compete to the best of their ability for their playing time on an ongoing basis. Team members must also support their “off ice” team and individual responsibilities – which includes, but is not limited to, coursework, being physically conditioned for a demanding contact sport, and team-related activities required for the successful operation of the team.